The Journal of the IYNA

The IYNA Journal is written, edited, and published by our members. IYNA clubs or individual members are encouraged to contribute articles to the journal. Each edition of the journal has a recommended theme with previous themes including neurodegenerative disorders, sleep, learning and memory, drug addiction, and auditory and vestibular systems. Issues of the IYNA Journal typically are divided into the following sections: General Neuroscience, Diseases, Research, New Technology, Neuroscience and Society, Neuroethics, and Satire. Each journal section is overseen by a head writer. The journal is edited by a team of junior editors, senior editors, and an Editor-in-Chief. If you are interested in writing for the IYNA journal, you can find more information at

Limb Regeneration


Salamanders and newts have the extraordinary ability to regenerate lost limbs. If a newt’s tail is cut off, epidermal cells will cover the opening, and pattern formation genes (or Hox genes) will …